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My Self Serve (MySS) provides online access to income and disability assistance for residents of British Columbia.

If you are not currently in receipt of income or disability assistance, My Self Serve will guide you through the Application for Assistance. If you need help with your application contact the ministry at 1-866-866-0800.

If you are currently in receipt of income or disability assistance, My Self Serve will allow you to securely access your current information online. For example, you can view personal messages from the ministry, submit your monthly report, and upload forms.

Protect yourself and others.

 Please call 1-866-866-0800 or access services online rather than coming into the office if you have any of the following:

•           Symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, shortness of breath or fever

•           A sick family member or have been around someone who is sick

•           Not completed the 14-day isolation after travel abroad

For More Information on COVID-19:  www.gov.bc.ca/covid-19

Want to save energy and money? You may be eligible for a FREE Energy Saving Kit 
Join thousands of other British Columbians who are saving money and energy and making their homes more comfortable. FortisBC and BC Hydro are working together to offer qualified customers a free Energy Saving Kit.  The kit contains energy-saving items such as an efficient showerhead and faucet aerators, window film and LED light bulbs. The items are all easy to install and may help you save energy and lower your natural gas and/or electricity bills.  
BC Hydro and/or New Westminster customers:  Apply online for your kit today or call 1-800-BCHYDRO (1-800-224-9376) Use promo code: M2020
FortisBC electricity customers or municipal electricity customers of Grand Forks, Summerland, Penticton or Nelson Hydro: Apply online for your kit today or call 1-866-436-7847 Use promo code: M2020